Our Donburi Chaya is located in Hokkaido's Sapporo.
We are the seafood rice bowl specialty restaurant
originates from the Nijyo seafood market.

Seafood bowl shop  DONBURI-CHAYA

Muslim Friendly



Fresh ingredients and favorable prices are what the Hokkaido seafood market is serious about.

Seafood rice bowlspecialty restaurant originates
from the seafood market

So fresh and tasty are the seafood rice bowl
you could enjoy at the Hokkaido seafood market.

Filled with the delicacies of Hokkaido
We are 100% confident in our foods’ freshness.

Most Popular Menu

It's one of our most popular selection in the Menu, where you can enjoy Hokkaido in just a single marusen.

Marusen Don3,480 yen


Marusen Don -A set of luxurious seafood in 4 small bowls and crab of miso soup. Topped on a small bowl of rice (donburi), the set includes salmon sashimi with salmon roe donburi, sea urchin meat and scallops, a bowl of crab meat and special crab stick, botan shrimp and fresh tuna donburi.


Sapporo Nijo Market

Sapporo Nijo Market

Otaru Skaimachidori

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