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Our Donburi Chaya is located in Hokkaido's Sapporo.
We are the seafood rice bowl specialty restaurant
originates from the Nijyo seafood market.

Seafood bowl shop  DONBURI-CHAYA

Muslim Friendly

Muslim Friendly

Donburi Chaya-was originally seafood bowl restaurant from started by small fish store. "we would like to enjoy the taste more casually which authentic and unique of Hokkaido food" for customers. That was our first policy. And we have a one more important policy that try to telling "real good fish" and "wonderfully Japanese food cultures" for every customers who visit our restaurant. Currently, many thanks to every customers who coming from all over the world including Japan, Asia,,North,South amerika,Australia,Europe and the other countries.

The Policy of Musulim Friendly

We do not obatain HALAL certificate
We do not use “PORK”at this restaurant
We do not use “ALCOHOL”and“PORK”on this Musulim Friendly Menu
Our kitchen is not HALAL exclusive use. We use” HALAL MEAT”and lso additionally seasoning.
Cookware(dishes,frying pan,knife,cutting board,)are keeping separately

Restaurant Menu

Donburi Menuonly available at Otaru store

  • Tokusen-Donburi


  • トロサーモン丼


  • サーモン丼


  • 鉄火丼


  • 照り焼きチキン丼


  • 焼きほたて丼


  • 海鮮ミックスステーキ丼B


  • 炙りサーモン丼


Side Menu

  • ¥1,280

  • Grilled-Squid-with-green-onionイカ鉄板2


  • Grilled-Atka-mackrel大縞ほっけ一夜干し炙り


  • サーモンハラス炙り焼き


  • 大海老の塩焼き


  • 北あかりのじゃがバター


  • コーンバター


Group Tour Menuonly available at Otaru store

Prayer Room only available at Otaru store


info@donburi.jp [Donburichaya Otaru ]


どんぶり茶屋Sapporo Nijyo-Ichiba DONBURI-CHAYA

  • Open 365 Days
  • Coupon

7 higashi 1chome Minami 3 jyo Chuouku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hour: Open hours: 7:30am to 5:00pm
(LO 4:30pm) 011-200-2223

どんぶり茶屋New Chitose Airport

  • Open 365 Days
  • Coupon

New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Bld 3F
Business Hour: Open hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm
(LO 8:00pm) 0123-25-6650

どんぶり茶屋Otaru Sakaimachi Street

  • Open 365 Days
  • Coupon

Business Hour: Open hours/Weekdays AM11:00 ~ PM4:00
(LO: PM3:30)
Saturdays and days before public holidays AM11:00-PM8:00
(LO: PM7:30)
Sundays and holidays AM11:00-PM6:00
(LO: PM 5:30) 0134-64-5593